Axton Russo



Cool +1

Hard 0

Hot 0

Sharp +2

Weird -1

Moves: no shit driver; my other car is a tank

gear: sawed-off; 3 cars; stuff

Car 1: Jeep Nukizer 715. jeep, power 2, looks 1, armor 1, weak 1
off-road, workhorse, powerful, cramped

Car 2: 2013 Acura ILX. compact, power 2, looks 2, armor 0, weakness 1
fast, responsive, flashy, sleek, fragile

Tank: Ice cream truck of death. ice cream truck, power 2, looks 1, armor 3, weak 2
aggressive, huge, quirky, loud, slow. mounted machine guns


fairly average man, 6’ 1’’ around 170lbs. Worn face, shadowed eyes, scrawny. Wears mostly utility clothes like cargo pants and military vests. Blonde hair, green eyes, crooked hands. spaces out easily.

Axton had an interesting start to his apocalyptic life. He started life in the Russo compound down in Illinois, and since the start, his life went downhill. The compound essentially amounted to a dictatorship with a power hungry man running the whole show. His gangs would roam over most of northern Illinois claiming more land.

Axton quickly realized that he was born into a “place” here at the compound and decided he would strike out as soon as he could. He’d rather work for himself than only for the betterment of some asshole up top.

Starting off as a grease-monkey, Axton soon discovered he just was born knowing how to drive. The first time he got behind a wheel, he somehow managed to barrel-roll an old golf cart, ramp it off a truck, and still get it back to the garage. Recognizing his potential, he was allowed to start practicing with the other drivers.

Soon after, Axton decided this was how he’d get away. The “lord” of the compound, supposedly his name was Napolean most refer to him as the Big N, had been lovingly trying to convert an old ice cream truck into a major death-dealing machine. Volunteering to be one of the first to drive, Axton stole the “tank” and tore off for the hills. The Russos spent months trying to track him down, but eveyone he couldn’t outrun, he blew off the road with the mounted turrets. Traveling for a long time, mostly doing whatever odd-jobs he could fine, Axton finally found Breezewood.

Deciding he’d need another base just to store his growing convoy of cars Axton struck a deal with Gypsy to work for him part-time constantly in return for a good garage. So far no side has needed to worry about the other, and Axton is hoping to start making a name for himself

Axton Russo

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